L’Amleto de A. Boito: con lettere inedite di A. Boito

One of the more important historical documents about Amleto has been a book called L’Amleto de A. Boito: con lettere inedite di A. Boito (A. Boito’s Hamlet: with unpublished letters of A. Boito). Published in the 1920s by the Fascist musicologist Rafaello De Rensis, whose other titles include the laughable Mussolini Musicista (Mussolini the Musician), its chief appeal is the reproduction of several photos and images related to the original La Scala production in 1871.  Click on the images to view them in a larger size.

Franco Faccio

Caption reads: Franco Faccio during the time of “Amleto”

Autograph score

Caption reads: Autograph of Franco Faccio; First page of the full score of the overture to “Amleto”

Act I - Elsionore

Scenic imagery from Act I of the 1873 production

Mario Tiberini

The famous tenor Mario Tiberini in costume as Amleto

Act III Corridor

Scenic imagery from the 1873 production: Act III – A corridor in Elsinore Castle

Act IV graveyard

Scenic imagery from the 1873 production – Act IV: The graveyard

Translation needed

Autograph of Arrigo Boito

Cologni and Tiberinie

Antonio Cologni as the King and Signora Tiberini as Ofelia in the 1873 La Scala production

Boito Autograph

Last page of the Libretto